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Phase Wave: Our Novel & Interdisciplinary Approach

Possible now due to silicon advances from the steady march of Moore's Law + slipstreaming on LiDAR and AR/VR advances

  • Not only intensity of light & sound

  • Use phase of waves via interference

  • More Information & better pinpointing

  • Enabled by new chip manufacturing processes


Phase Wave: Interference

  • Moore’s Law gives us wavelength sized pixels on $1 camera chips

  • We invented a diode laser that enables us to record interference patterns as shown to the left

  • We use math to find where the light has been like a sailor can read interfering waves on the ocean.

  • Using phase wave, we read features of the brain that haven’t been possible to read before – like blood flow throughout the brain.  No one has done that before.  We are doing that and more.

Phase Wave: Delays enable beam focus & steering

  • We can focus and steer waves anywhere in the brain to treat the disease where it is in the brain noninvasively. We craft the shape of waves as they spread out.

  • We do this by using an array of emitters shown in yellow here. 

  • They all emit exactly the same wavelength, but the wave is delayed slightly from one emitter to the next. 

  • The result shows how we can focus or spread the beam anywhere.  We can use the same principle to even steer the beam right or left or up or down to anywhere in the brain we need to treat. 

  • We use this to to inhibit or excite groups of neurons - turning them on or off.  We are doing this in humans now!


Phase Wave: Harmonic Excitation

  • A wine glass has a resonant frequency & is brittle. 

  • Certain sound frequencies first vibrate and then shatter it while nothing else in the room is damaged. 

  • Akin to this: aggressive cancer cells have mechanical differences that might allow us to treat and kill just the cancer cells and not disturb the healthy tissue. 

  • Why: Most all aggressive cancer cells have hard, brittle cell membranes, unlike the rest of the brain and body tissue that grows slowly and has great flexibility.  

  • Diagnostic-intensity-level ultrasound resonant frequencies destroy cancer cells or excite neurons.  We are treating cancer in pre-clinical right with 5x better results than best-in-class chemotherapy

Openwater is using our phase wave principles to build next-generation portable neural diagnostic and therapeutic systems. 


We are working to enable treatment of cancer, mental disease, neuro-degenerative disease and early precision stroke detection & routing which could save hundreds of millions of lives

  • Here we examine a blood vessel

    • When the blood is moving the light ricochets differently over a camera frame time & it blurs out the patterns on the camera chip - making them low contrast. 

    • By decoding the blur -  and the contrast  - we can get the speed of blood flow and see if the blood flow has stopped - like in a stroke. 

Phase Wave Application: Seeing Blood Flow throughout the brain

  • Our device - shown in purple – emits laser light that spreads and scatters through the brain.

  • The camera chip in the module only sees light that passes through this arc - bouncing and scattering through the skin, skull and brain in the shape of a banana.  We record the interference of these scattering waves on the camera chip as shown above.

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