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We have started some community online groups to discuss, critique and collaborate on these efforts. To join click on icons 

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As an open source company we are committed to becoming a big contributor to the community of people trying to improve healthcare - where techies or medical professionals or patients or their loved ones.  We want to make  place for you here.


Openwater Overview - The Hand-Held Silicon Hospital 
  • Video of presentation to speed clinical trials of Openwater system and an update on our tech.
  • Link to Openwater annotated Presentation at the Imagine Solutions Forum/Lake Nona Impact Forum March 2024


We have started a regular release of “Spotlights” that feature the everyday work we are doing and bring it forward.  We hope this enabled grab-on points with the open source community and communities working in adjacent clinical areas


Upcoming Events

Uncharter 2024 Summit

June 21 2024 | Southampton NY


DWeb Camp

Aug 7-11 2024 | Camp Navarro, CA

Recent Events

Mary Lou Jepsen Openwater Keynote at the Dubai Future Forum 

Openwater Update at CNN Life Itself 

Press about Openwater

Gulf News Software, not drugs, is the future of medicine: leading health expert tells Dubai forum

Newsweek Medical Marvels

The Innovator Disrupting Therapies with Devices

Wirtshafts Woche Das Kapital im Kopf

Forbes Mary Lou Jepsen, Founder and CEO of Openwater named to 50 over 50 list

CNN Openwater therapies for Cancer and Depression (video)

World Economic Forum Openwater named Technology Pioneer at Davos

Business Insider Openwater named top biotech startup set to take off in next 12 months

Fierce Fierce Medtech names Openwater as one of its “Fierce 15” Med Tech Companies of 2022

Forbes Mary Lou Jepsen named to top 50 women in tech

Financial Times Openwater was named One of 50 Ideas to the change the world

Business Insider A superstar ex-Facebook and Google exec is trying to.. 

Forbes How This Former MIT Professor And Google Engineer Used Holograms To Build A $28 Million Startup

Wired Mary Lou Jepsen on AR, VR and Reading your Mind 

Silicon Republic 10 pioneering health-tech start-ops set to have a global impact

Forbes The Age Of (Nearly) Infinite Scale, And How It Will Generate New Businesses

E-Flux Telepathic Infrastructures - Norman Foster Foundation Digital X

Wired Thought-Reading Machines and the Death of Love 

TechCo "Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen on transformative technology for social good" 

Fortune "Brainstorm Health - why you might not want to be tests for the Alzheimer's gene"

Fox News Greg Gutfeld podcast

New York Times The Brain Implants That Could Change Humanity

Ars Technica Rob Reid and Mary Lou Jepsen and peering into the brain

Scientific American Machines that read your brain waves

Wired Artificial intelligence is helping us talk to animals (yes, really)

KQED Radio Special - Hour Long discussion between John Hollar and Mary Lou Jepsen

The Sunday Times Why Silicon Valley is intent on messing with our brains

TED Mary Lou Jepsen TED talk 

Financial Times Mary Lou Jepsen on the wearable MRI 

The Economist Technology Quarterly - "How brains and machines can be made to work"

Forbes "The opposite of Artificial Intelligence could be the key to saving tech jobs"

After On Podcast Mary Lou Jepsen on Neural Imaging and... TELEPATHY

Quartz High Resolution MRI-Like imagery without the metal coffin 

The Verge "Wearable tech has to be really good or really wearable"

Business Insider An ex-Facebook exec who "went home to die" is making a device

Med Device Online "Wearable, MR-Quality imaging technology that could lead to... Telepathy?"

Vox live from SxSW with Kara Swisher and Lauren Goode

ReCode "Can A high tech ski cap read my mind or tell me when I'm sick?"

IEEE Spectrum "Why Mary Lou Jepsen left Facebook: to transform healthcare and consumer telepathy"

CNBC The former Google[x] exec is building a high tech hat

Xconomy "Mary Lou Jepsen on life post-Facebook and New Startup Openwater"

Wall Street Journal "Facebook loses virtual reality innovator"

Engadget "Oculus exec Mary Lou Jepsen resigns to create new MRI tech"

CNET "Oculus exec Mary Lou Jepsen resigns to cure diseases"

Discuss Openwater

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