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Our Story

Could silicon be more effective for medical treatment than drugs someday? We think that day could be soon.

Openwater was founded in 2016 to explore an idea: What if advancements in fields as diverse as consumer electronics, semiconductor device physics, and artificial intelligence could come together for a future where the profound act of curing disease becomes a reality for all, transcending borders and transforming the course of human health. 

The world of healthcare diagnostics and therapeutics could be transformed the way that semiconductors and software have transformed everything else.


This is no dream: 7 years into the journey of starting Openwater we now have strong clinical feasibility data promising to diagnose and treat a spectrum of diseases, from aggressive cancers to mental health disorders and debilitating strokes and beyond touching on treatments for COVID/long COVID, stimulating stem cells, and rejuvenation of senescent cells. 

Our Team

Board & Advisory

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