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Product Pathway


We are in development of a wearable therapeutic and diagnostic headset which may be capable of treating cancer, mental disease and measuring features related to cerebral blood flow.  Our technology is non-invasive, low-cost, and portable and may allow for broader applications including point-of-care.  Hospital studies are underway for potential future uses.

Diagnostic Technologies

We have made significant strides in a full brain scanning system with bloodflow for potential impact in generalized neuro and BCI, without ionizing radiation or contrast injections.

Our wearable brain diagnostic technologies have applications to detect features related to cerebral blood flow. 

These technologies are under investigation for potential applications in point-of-care monitoring, rapid stroke assessment and patient routing.

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Therapeutic Technologies

We are developing wearable brain therapeutic technologies for energy delivery to the brain with potential mechanisms of action under investigation ranging from neuromodulation, neuroregeneration and selective anti-tissue effects in cancer and stroke. 

Potential clinical applications include:

  • Neuropsychiatric disease: using ultrasound to stimulate or inhibit the brain (i.e. neuromodulation) in neuropsychiatric disease like depression, anxiety, OCD and PTSD

  • Alzheimer's disease: using ultrasound stimulation to generate repetitive neurotrophic tone (neurogenesis, synaptogenesis).

  • Cancer and stroke: using ultrasound to generate selective tissue effects including oncolysis and clot liquefaction.


21 issued patents

8 more patents published
(not yet issued)

over 60 patents in process

Scientific literature publications coming in the future

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