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Want a Developer Kit?

You can have one!  we are now taking order reservations for

  • Open-Motion 3.0 - our  Blood Flow unit module

  • Open-LIFU 2.0 - our Therapeutic Ultrasound unit module

These systems are targeted at ~$10k a piece in small volumes anticipated for this pre-regulatory approval R&D only build.  In volumes that can come with regulatory approvals  the prices should reach ~$1k per unit

Final pricing will be available when you order.  See product briefs below.

We are documenting our improvements to this generation on our wiki and in github​.  We now need make and build our next generation with some major improvements:

  • Large reduction in size and cost of our laser

    • We have been making samples of a pulsed diode laser w/ holographic-level high coherence in the infrared for years now.  We are ready to manufacture a run of these lasers for Open-Motion gen 3

  • Large reduction in size and cost of LIFU driving electronics

    • Ultrasonic array driving systems run hundreds of thousands of dollars.  We have invented, designed and built and tested prototypes which we have been refining for years now.  We are ready to do a large build for Open-LIFU Gen 2

  • Large reduction in size and cost of our ultrasonic arrays. 

    • Ultimately we want this in a PMUT/CMUT semi-chip but along the way we have found some low-cost high bandwidth piezo solutions for LIFU that are well matched to the rest of our system and the parameter space we have keyed in on based on our clinical results in cancer therapies and mental disease therapies  We are ready to do a next build and include this in Open-LIFU Gen 2

  • System level reductions from these changes & Bulk ordering

Details above. 

Note these are not FDA approved yet and are available for R&D efforts only. 


In addition we have a small number of currently generation units available now.  Contact us at for more info on their availability

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